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Physical Education

We are learning that there are two types of foods HEALTHY and JUNK:  However we (even I) eat junk food regularly.  It’s OK- we are going to.  We just need to learn what is considered healthy and eat that MUCH more often.

I am encouraging kids to not look at the nutrition facts.  They are hard to understand and can be very misleading.

Here is how we are learning to read a label to see if a boxed, canned, jarred, or bagged food is ok:

Read the ingredients of the food.  If they add sugar, salt, or oils, we can categorize it as a junk food.  If it has ingredients you don’t have in your cupboard it a super junk food.

Stay away from the “Nutrition Facts”  here is why:  Look at the nutrition facts of the apple.  If you were judging according to this you would think this food has WAY too much sugar.  There is no “sugar” in apples,  there are NATURAL sugars (notice the s).  An apple is super, duper healthy and the natural sugars are good for you.